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Oct 9

The poor oppressed men on Glee.

When Santana and Brittany ask for Rachel’s vote, she says she’s supporting Kurt. They then rattle off a long harangue about how men are at fault for all of the world’s problems, and Santana throws in a sneering comment about pork and beans, referring specifically in a very negative way to male private parts. That strikes me as being evidence of dislike for men merely for being men. Add in that Brittany is not generally very intelligent, and it seems likely to me that Santana has created the argument and taught it to Brittany. Brittany entered the race because she was a Unicorn, not because she thought men had ruined the world. 

I don’t think that’s quite true. Brittany’s campaign suggests that, if elected, Brittany will end all the world’s problems that have been created by men. I think this is a very flawed premise, and I think the narrative will bear that out. Kurt’s campaign suggests that, if elected, a certain subset of the school population will get treated better and feel safer at McKinley. Although he may also be mistaken, I think he has an outside chance of being right about that, and his rhetoric does not include attacking straight people. Finn has already seen through and articulated the logical weakness in Brittany’s argument. 

Bookworm06 whining on Television Without Pity about how badly men are treated.